1st International Conference on Photoalignment and Photopatterning in Soft Materials
29 November - 2 December, 2014, Hong Kong

We are delighted to invite you to the 1st International Conference on Photoalignment and Photopatterning in Soft Materials: Basic Understanding and Applications. This newly established conference series focuses on photosensitive polymers (amorphous, liquid-crystalline, uncross-linked and cross-linked) and molecular glasses, as well as derived composite materials.  In addition to fundamental science, an important topic will be the diverse technical applications of the photosensitive materials. The conference aims to bring together leading theoreticians and experimentalists to discuss in a congenial atmosphere a controversial and unsolved issue of photopatterning in azo-containing materials.

Papers are welcome on the following subjects:
· Cis-trans photo-isomerization
· Photocrosslinking
· Photodegradation
· Orientational diffusion
· Photoalignment  and photodeformation
· Photosoftening and photofluidity
· Photopatterning
· Computer modelling of photoinduced effects
· Theoretical approaches to photopatterning
· Synthesis of photosensitive polymers
· Chemical structure and properties of photoaligning materials
· Technical applications of photoalignment and photopatterning  in liquid crystal elements for displays and photonics, light emitted diodes (OLED), solar cells, optical data storage and holographic memory devices.